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Patent is a product identity for legal protection

Intellectual Property includes Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, and trade secrets. Our Of Counsel Registered Patent Attorney can draft a provisional or non-provisional patent application for your invention. We can discuss invention licensing and turning your idea to profit.

Patens protect inventions. The first step is to meet with our Patent Attorney to discuss the various options. Small things like selling, publishing a blog article, or showing your idea at a trade show could forever bar you from receiving a patent – so be careful! 

Trademarks identify the source of goods and services. Trademark protection applies to words, logos, and even shapes. Ever look at a car and see the front grill of a Jeep? That is a great example of a trademark identifying a particular brand. If you have a new or existing business, trademark protection should be part of your strategy. 

Copyrights protect individual or company ideas that are brought to life through pen and paper, sculptures, photos, music, or any other tangible means. A slogan, poem, or jingle can be copyrighted and will provide another layer of protection for your brand, business, or personally developed works of art. Remember what the Supreme Court said, “Ideas are as free as the air.” 

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